Lisa Richardson
"Leave it to Lisa!"

Thanks Marty for the Awesome Letter!

“A kid, a banker and a kayaker find help from local realtor to save them from the transformation of their neighbourhood”! Not really a headline, but that’s how it felt. We needed to get out of our townhouse and upgrade swiftly; our boy was 7 years old, we wanted space for a sailboat and outdoor nature space, lots more space! Reality is, North Van is pricey and I don’t like big debt. Conundrum, I want ski all the time, wife wants big job…what do we do? Sunrise. I walked my kid to school at Ridgeway elementary, then I walked down to Lonsdale street thinking about this conundrum, and my next coffee.... (please see my blog...under "My Pages" above, to continue reading this awesome letter).


If you would like a beautiful 2018 calendar, to keep track of your schedule and appointments, please let me know and I'll be happy to drop one off to you.  The theme this year is "Gardens and Parks" and the images are inspirational for getting out and enjoying nature around you! 


Working to meet your real estate goals in North and West Vancouver!

Where we live is essential to our social, physical and financial well being. 


Are you thinking about buying or selling a property?  Usually, the first step is to chat

about what is important to you and how we can work together to achieve your goals.   


The key to selling your home ....


To achieve the best possible market value, I'll advise you how to showcase your

property and provide the resources you need to get your property SOLD!

We'll work together to find the best options for you!


The key to finding and buying a new home....


Whether you're looking for a great new home with shopping, parks and other amenities nearby,

hoping for "no more gardening or yard work," seeking revenue or recreational property -

the process will be easier and maybe even a little fun, with my dedication to your needs,

in-depth knowledge of homes and areas throughout metro Vancouver and all the skills to

make your goals a reality!



Please give me a call today to get started on your real estate goals.


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